My War (kevinpict) wrote in devillocks,
My War

i've been growing my devilock since 2001. i trim it every now and then too keep it from getting stupid long. i don't slick it down often. usually, when i play shows i just let it go. i catch shit from bandmates and people telling me to "slick it down! slick it down!" anyway, here are some pics. also, check out my band antarctica vs. the world. we're horrorxcore from new orleans, la. Antarctica Vs. The World

old and skinny

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Dude, your devilock is almost like Myke Hideous'. Also, Anatartica Vs. The World is fuckin' sweet!, love your shit! -DiRtY Lead Singer of Dirty Horror. President of the official Street Team for Crypt Of Blood Records.
Fukin kicks ass man! Support all FIENDS.
the band broke up a while back and i shaved my head 2 weeks ago. fuck it.


October 24 2008, 03:45:19 UTC 8 years ago

i really need to see the devil lock from the back of the head, i dont know exatcly how to cut it.