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Bands That Have Changed My Life & Why Part I.

1. Misfits ('77-Present)
At such a young age at 5 I still cannot get enough of The Misfits.
They have literally changed my life completley & opened up so many doors of visions, dreams & nightmares that I have absolutley no regrets on.
Wheather it's Glenn Danzig's amazing Elvis Presley/Jim Morrison/Roy Orbison like vocals, Jerry Only's crazy bass playing with such power, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein's chainsaw guitar playing hammerin' down with such dedication & strength, Dr. C.H.U.D.S. skin & bones drummin' that sounds like the dead are comin' after u after every beat, MIchael Graves soulful like alternative with metal influence vocals, Myke Hideous' powerful vocals or any of The Misfits drummers & guitarists from 1977 - 1983.
To me Dez Cadeena's gettin' the hang of it all, after all he was in Black Flag & since Robo's back on drums we're in for some good fuckin' music!
If it wasn't for The Misfits I would've never have been big in the horror genre.
Fangs Ghouls!
Rot 'N' fuckin' Roll Always!

2. The Damned
At the young age of 4 in 1988 I heard "New Rose" on the radio & that is the song that got me into punk rock in the first place ever.
Their music has changed my life like The Misfits did.
Davey Vanian's vocals & lyrics are both amazing & astonishing.
Captin Sensible's guitar playing gave a great sound to The Damned both amazing & once again astonishing & breathtaking to me that is.
All their drummers were both crazy & amazing on drums, those drum rolls on the snare & tom's we're just so crazy fast with such speed, that too is what made the sound of The Damned.
Everyone who was in The Damned & still are I thank u to the bottom of my blackheart for getting me into u Fiends & Fiendettes.

3. The Rabies
Even though they are local they are still just one of my favorite bands of all time even though I've been listening to them since February 2004 I have been infected since & have missed only one show since February 2004 & I don't plan on missin' anymore!
The Rabies really inspired & influence me in my music.
Lexi Lawsuit with her fearful stage presence & beauty makin' us realize there is no way out or escape from this massacre.
Dr. SIK with his eerie guitar playing sounding like the soul of East Bay Ray of the Dead Kennedy's is runnin' through his reanimating corpses that hides behind his mask.
Blair Bitch & her bass playing giving a real hard cutting edge to the music, astonishing!
88 on keyboards giving a real eerie, playful & fearful sound to The Rabies with terror in the melodies.
And one of my idols Jimmy Fiction on drums, being very influenced by The Damned, Descendents, 45 Grave, Misfits, Agent Orange & many others, this drummin' corpse brings in the deadly powerful beats to The Rabies.
The Rabies are growin' stronger & stronger everyday & giving us haunting, chilling, in your face punk rock with gothic influence.
I urge everone to listen to The Rabies & I guarentee that they will change something about yourself & music forever like they've done to me.
Jim, Lexi, SIK, 88 & Blair Bitch...Fangs so much for the music & everything u all have done for me & the doors & visions you've opened up for me.
I'm glad to have u as my Fiends (Friends).
For the rest of u, prepare to get infected!!!!

To be continued....
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